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The easiest way for students to submit video-based homework.

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Reasons to use Soqqle.

A purpose-built social app
Soqqle is designed like a social network, familiar to your students. We are video-first, and social.
Use experiential learning
Use experiential learning on Soqqle for peer to peer, conceptual learning in a new and refreshing social way.
Create private class codes
Soqqle allows you to setup private class codes that only you and your class can access.
Game based learning
Introduce a gamification, roleplay or simulation concept into your class by leveraging the safe private environment.
Get social analytics
Use the engagement analytics to view all videos in one place and see top posts by engagements, views to help your flip classrooms.
A channel for collaboration
Encourage students to engage peer to peer and co-create content for collaborative learning.
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How it works?

Soqqle is a mobile app built for asynchronous learning - focusing on video based homework. There is no live-streaming. The app is private by using class tags to separate content. The app focuses on peer to peer learning to encourage collaboration and generate analytics.

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Contribute to latest research.

Soqqle is research-informed. We work with lecturers, professors around the world to plan, design and execute academic research. There is a wide potential range of topics that can be supported, and we are happy to collaborate for data collection.

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I've always been excited about the use of technology in my classrooms. When i heard about a new app that can motivate students and increase engagement i was pleased to use it. I use Soqqle for student video presentations.

Client 1 Aderina, Lecturer, Indonesia University

It is a perfect platform for us to share photos and videos just amongst us. My students totally love the app because of its lower psychological and emotional barrier.

Client 2 Esther, Teacher, Korea

I use Soqqle for sustainability education. It is the best way for helping me to track and view the evidence / audit of student work.

Client 3 Paulina, Asst Professor, Hong Kong University

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Scalable model for your volume.

Get started for free. No upfront costs.

  • 500 minutes per month

    Plan for 500 minutes per month (about 1-2 classes with about 3-5 min videos).

  • Scalable for research

    We are open to explore plans for bigger classes to manage video storage. Fits well into research grants.

  • No credit card needed

    No payment required. Get started quickly and easily.


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Can I try Soqqle for free?

Yes you can try Soqqle for free. Follow the get started guide here.

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How do i start?

It involves downloading the app, and creating a class tag. It will then be shared with your students. More details here.

How often do you release updates?

Most of the time we are doing this weekly.

How can i collaborate for research?

If you are an educator that you think you can use Soqqle for your classes, and would like to collaborate with us, please reach out to us here

How can I contact you?

Reach us anytime here

How can i download an APK?

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