The easiest way for students to submit video-based homework.

Help students to learn from and with each other.


A purpose-built social app

Soqqle is designed like a social network, familiar to your students. We are video-first, and social.

Key Features

Pictures, Videos, PDF


Up to 5 min videos

Web analytics



How to incorporate to classroom

Embed multimodal assessments into your curriculum
Experiential Learning

Encourage students to utilise 21st century skills like critical thinking in presenting real-life scenario videos. 

Social Learning

As students upload content, others can view and compare to better build new ideas.

Game Based Learning

Conduct simulations or roleplay on videos. Design varying experiences and challenges for authenticity.

Collaborative Learning

Utilise a peer to peer form of collaboration that uses observation and self-assessment.

A social learning application

Soqqle can be used by students to upload pictures, videos and PDFs directly on the mobile application. Students can also like, and add comments to the post. The application also provides a profile page to view all posts in one place and view feedback.

When to use Soqqle?

Soqqle can be used for multiple use cases across different disciplines. A key requirement is that the topic requires discourse, critical thinking and preferably some form of presentation.

Language and Communication

Capture and listen to every student speak 


Review student learning in laboratory sessions


Capture case study discussions for idea exchange

Sample Scenario

The teacher require a more engaging way of tracking student progress and encouraging idea sharing.
Using the method below, our latest study show an increase of 12.3% to 21.4% in learning performance if students watch at least 19 different videos of peers with average 36 seconds watched during assessments.



Students need to demonstrate they can audit their waste reduction activities (eg. reducing plastic bags).

Traditional method of writing essays is too boring for students.


Use videos to capture the evidence of waste reduction and share it with classmates in a common video space (Soqqle).

Provide guidance for using comments to critique or give ideas to each other.


Create a private code on Soqqle, and give it to students to unlock on the mobile application. Provide instructions on what to comments.

Monitor videos uploaded on Soqqle and give feedback using the web dashboard. Setup more tasks with deadlines on Soqqle as follow up.


I use Soqqle for sustainability education. It is the best way for helping me to track and view the evidence / audit of student work. Students report that they gain new ideas and perspectives when they watch content of peers during assessments.



Assistant Professor, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

I've always been excited about the use of technology in my classrooms. When i heard how Soqqle can motivate students for language learning, i was pleased to use it. 



Lecturer, Prasetiya University, Indonesia

What is good video content?

Students can upload videos presenting their ideas, skills, calculations or evidence  

Our News

Read recent posts about Soqqle
Presentation on sustainability and housing using Soqqle in CIHE
6 January 2022

Together with Assistant professors at Lingnan University, Soqqle presented on January 6 in Caritas Institute of Higher Education on a novel student-generated videos teaching method.

China and Higher Education Conference in Lingnan University
12 Dec 2021

Together with Lingnan University, we shared about the use of student-generated videos to promote eco-literacy. The key theme was using social learning and authentic learning to improve education for sustainability.

Paper on improving student english presentation skills with comments
Aderina Febriana, 04 Dec 2021

The study was conducted to know whether using Soqqle and peer-to-peer guided comments improves presentation skills for EFL students. The results showed how guided comments helped students.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do i start?
    It involves downloading the app, and creating a class tag. It can then be shared with your students to unlock on the app. No account creation is required in the beginning.
  • How can i collaborate for research?
    If you are an educator that you think you can use Soqqle for your classes, and would like to collaborate with us, please reach out to us.
  • Is it a paid or free app?
    It starts free but a premium subscription will provide more support and learning analytics.


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