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Social Emotional Learning

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Soqqle Digispace represents a space for communities to come together and interact with other in a more focused manner.

If you are in need to find a new way to inspire your community and spark groups towards new motivations in personal and professional development, we are a tool for you.

Create your company now

Create your company

The Soqqle Digispace Mobile App helps make browsing and connecting with people on the fly easy to do. Create your company for your users now.

Engaging Interfaces

  • Connections
  • Rewards
  • Story
  • How it works
  • Deeper connections, easier than ever

    Help upscale groups with incredible storytelling. People never need to go alone at it again.

  • Make social media come alive around you

    Communities demand connectivity in deep, meaningful ways, online. Our tool fires up this possibility!

  • New ways to form digital teams for common goals

    Help form groups unrestricted by the boundaries that may exist today in your community.

  • A new way to inspire intrinsic rewards.

    Motivate your groups by innovative new methods of rewards!

  • Help groups cement reputation built

    Inspire groups to complete tasks, get them recorded in stone, and seen by everyone who counts

  • Help chart and plant the seeds of change everyday.

    Help your community realize their maximum potential through the use of creative stories

  • Stories bring people closer together, to live.

    Use storytelling to move miles and get groups to take the next step.

  • Maximize the use of gamification and game-based learning.

    Create vocational campaigns to bring difficult concepts to life. Let's bring aspirations to the next level!

  • Going through life was never more enjoyable. Until Now.

    Help groups discover new pathways through completing tasks. Unlock tiered content and new achievements.

  • 1. Game Lobby.

    Browse pre-defined campaigns. Users select a campaign that suits their style and matches with others in groups.

  • 2. Accomplish tasks. Raise Query or Send Updates

    Users perform self-learning through quizz-based or picture/video based tasks. Users raise queries or send updates

  • 3. You evaluate the group performance

    Get exported results sent by the groups. Measure the results with pre-defined rubrics and measure progress throughout your campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a campaign?

    Campaigns are pre-defined stories setup in Soqqle that you can easily take and customize!

  • Is it public or private?

    Companies specify their domain and can remain private. Otherwise they could get matched vs public groups

  • What type of tasks do users do?

    We currently have Illuminate (own time own study quizz) and Braindump (Discuss and Document) tasks.

  • What do the users learn?

    We provide campaign stories and tools for documentation / learning but it is up to the community lead to create content for your users via easy to use modules.

  • What are the topics?

    We currently find that modules that are visual are suitable for our tools due to the nature of usage

  • Is it Free?

    We are currently on a freemium model and are working on special features that will create great value for organizations