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INVITE ONLY: The 21st century educational change we wished for. Soqqle helps you create video assignments (and more) for your students faster and more efficiently.

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Presentation Videos

Use video presentations for students to share their opinions about a learning topic.



Descriptive Photos

Use photos as a quick easy and low-commitment way to post new content.


Comments for Feedback

Give feedback or request for peer to peer comments to create a lively learning space.



Likes for Feedback

An alternative for quantitative feedback by giving a like with just a single click.

Integrates into
your lesson plans

Soqqle helps you add social activity to complement your learning goals and rubrics. As tasks are completed by your students, learning analytics are generated.


Formal Learning

Use new media to stimulate student’s self-reflection of their learning outcomes


Informal Learning

Boost higher-order thinking for your students using opinion tasks



Create peer to peer learning by exposing content and comments in a new way


Manage Feedback

Give personalized feedback
using an integrated comment mechanism on the app

Manage your social learning lesson plans with structured rooms

Manage your class with a secret code and private rooms. Invite your students in to participate. As students join the groups, they will be able to see your content as well as other students’ content. The application is designed to be similar to mainstream social media apps to remain familiar to students.



Create your Code

Create a lesson plan that can suit your lesson
goals. Create the appropriate code on the
mobile app for your class.



Create your activity

Setup the task activity accordingly, and share
details to your students. Students join your groups,
and complete tasks per your instruction.



Get Engagement!

As students create posts, add likes, or
comments, you give valuable feedback.
Analytics are also shared. Amazing.


Blend latest pedagogies with the
latest technology

Educational Technology is often designed without understanding how it fits
into overall learning pedagogy. We use the latest in Social Learning and Collaborative
Learning research to help educators gain new learning benefits.

Social Learning

Social Learning is the use of New Media and digital engagements for digital natives.

Collaborative Learning

Utilize Social Cognitive Theory to create productive individuals in a group setting for your lesson goals.

“I'm always been excited about the use of technology in my classrooms. When i heard about a new app that can motivate students and increase engagement i was pleased to use it. I use Soqqle for student video presentations. I also give personalized feedback using the app."


Aderina F.

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Soqqle helps you add social activity to complement your learning goals and rubrics. As tasks are completed by your students, learning analytics are generated.



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