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Social Emotional Learning

Discover how your students communicate on our dashboard and improve them

4 easy steps to get started

  1. 1. Set up your tasks after creating your profile below.
  2. 2. Ask students to download the app
  3. 3. Students create and join groups for the tasks
  4. 4. Monitor your student's progress on our dashboard
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The Soqqle Didispace Mobile App help make browsing and connecting with people on the fly easy to do.

Send us a message to discover how to start using Soqqle for your class.

Handling 500 students for technical skills

Students group up on the app to capture and share images and videos of their laboratory experiments.

Giving every student a voice

Students who otherwise would have been "sidelined" in group exercises now can contribute content.

An effective way to monitor progress

The teacher reviews the visuals captured by each student to monitor progress real time.

Reducing age-old documental process.

The teacher wants to stop chasing students to fill up and upload documents of progress.

Automating documentation and assessments

Students group up on the app and capture pictures of their heart rate monitors.

Digitalize audit trails of student learning

With data saved in a dashboard, the teacher has a better understanding of progress the month-long project.

A systematic process for group activity

The lecturer wants students to engage and document more learning in group activity.

Students can learn peer to peer

Students group up on the app. They record the presentatons and provide self-assessments.

Social Emotional Learning can be easy

The teacher receives the documentation from students to better understand lesson outcomes.

Automated process for problem-based learning

The teacher wants to come up with case studies and re-use them in different classes.

Students choose their own case studies to solve

Students group up and solve accounting problems based on their interests.

Better classroom management for handling groups

The teacher gets a dashboard with personalized working and learning from each learning.

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i start?

    If you are a teacher, send us a message to kick-start how we can setup your module on the app!

  • Is it public or private?

    Your modules will have a special code that students use to unlock it on the mobile app.

  • What type of tasks do users do?

    Students will snap pictures, record videos and can chat on the mobile app to match learning curriculum.

  • What do the user learn?

    All content captured is shared to a teacher's dashboard so you could easily view all content in one go. We are working on a mobile app to make real time monitoring easy.

  • What are the topics?

    We currently find that modules that are visual are suitable for our tools due to the nature of usage.

  • Is it Free?

    We are freemium model. Message us to explore what type of benefit could be achieved for your modules.